About Us

We are a family run, Chauffeur Driven, Trike business based in Deerness, Orkney.

We provide an Orkney experience like no other, encompassing the whole “atmosphere” and at the same time showing you the best that Orkney offers its visitors. 

Orkney Trike Tours

John and Gill Foster

John and Gill moved to Beautiful Orkney, in 2012, John having started working as a nurse on Shapinsay.

After he retired in 2016 and looking to start a new chapter in their lives they set up the “Orkney Trike Tours” in 2017.

"We both have a lifelong interest in Motorcycling and History (which Orkney has in abundance). We decided that we wanted others to share the same exciting experience of the wind in your face as you travel around the unique, beautiful and fascinating sites of Orkney."

Trike Safety

The thrill of riding as a passenger on a Trike, enjoying the wind in your face, is the nearest experience you can have to riding a motorcycle. Riding a trike is no more dangerous than any other vehicle as long as the basic safety rules are observed.

Here at Orkney Trike Tours we take the safety of our passengers seriously. John is an advanced driver and before our passengers sit on the Trike a safety briefing is given by. It is important to listen to the driver who will go through the safety features of the Trike and what is expected of the passengers during the tour.

The Boom Trike Safety Features are:

  1. Side arm rests and comfort bar
  2. Roll protection
  3. Adjustable lap restraint bar
  4. Lap seat belt
  5. Foot plates
  6. Foot rests and comfort bar

The trike also carries in the Boot

  • Fire Extinguisher - 1kg dry powder
  • First Aid Kit


Every passenger must wear a properly fitting Helmet which has a two way radio fitted, and has a visor or goggles attached. Suitable waterproofs will be offered when necessary to keep the passengers warm and dry.

Passengers will be shown the correct way to mount the trike and pull down the front restraint bar. The lap seat belt must be worn at all times when the trike is moving.