Orkney at War Trike Tours

Orkney's place in the history of the great World Wars of the 20th century is well documented. The islands played a pivotal role in both conflicts and poignant reminders of these turbulent periods are etched on its landscape in the shape of the gun emplacements, watch towers and concrete bunkers that can still be seen today. Our Orkney at War Trike Tours take you to all the key sites from WW1 and WW2.

All entry fees are included. Refreshments are not provided but suitable rest stops are included in all the tours.

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4 Hours Duration. Cost £310. Visiting:

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8 Hours Duration. Cost £520 Visiting

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The Churchill Barriers

Part of Scapa Flow’s Second World War defences, which replaced the “Block Ships”. There are four barriers with roads running on them linking Mainland Orkney to Lamb Holm, Glims Holm, Burray and South Ronaldsay. See our Orkney page for a clip of our trip over the Churchill Barriers

The Italian Chapel

Built with remarkable dedication from scavenged materials by Italian prisoners of war. 

The Fossil Centre

This centre at Burray contains displays showing how Geology has created Orkney. There is also a good display of the different fossils that have been found here on Orkney.
There is also a “Building the Barriers” exhibition which brings to life the construction of the barriers. Some of displays tell the story of 20th century life in and around Burray both before and after the Churchill barriers were built.

Wideford Hill

Scapa Beach/Flow

Considered the best natural harbour in Britain and was one of the main bases for the Royal Navy in both World Wars. It is where, in 1919 the German battle fleet was scuppered to prevent the ships being handed over to the allies.